Have you subscribed to Khbria Music Pro using mobile credits but your subscription is still inactive?

You can activate it by linking your phone number to your account. Here's how:

Open the Khbria Music app on your mobile device and go to Settings.
Tap on "Verify phone number."
Enter your phone number and wait a few seconds for the verification code to be sent to you.
Once you receive the code, input it and tap on "Verify."
Your subscription will be activated automatically.
If your subscription is still inactive after verifying your phone number, try logging out and logging back in to update your account settings. If it still doesn't work, contact us immediately so we can check your subscription's status and provide you with more information.

How to gift Khbria Music Gift subscription?

To gift an Khbria Music Pro subscription to someone, you have two options: buying directly from a reseller in Lebanon or KSA or purchasing a gift online through the Khbria Music mobile app or website. Here are the steps to follow for gifting a subscription via the Khbria Music mobile app:

Open the Khbria Music app and go to the Settings menu.
Tap on the "Buy Gift" option.
Choose the gift subscription you want to send.
Enter your friend's name.
Tap on "Buy Gift" to proceed with payment.
Confirm payment and the subscription will be sent as a gift link to your friend.
Alternatively, you can send a gift to someone you have on your friend list on Khbria Music through the Chat window. Go to the Chats tab, search for your friend, tap on the "+" in the chat menu, select the gift you want to send, proceed with payment, and send the gift.

What subscriptions do we offer?

Whether you're a student, an individual user or a Family, there is a subscription to meet your needs.

Khbria Music offers several ways to subscribe: Khbria Music Pro, discounts for Students, and Khbria MusicFamily. Each option offers access to All Khbria Music Pro features.

➤ Khbria Music Pro

It is our ad-free subscription service, that includes the ability to download songs for offline listening, view lyrics and scrub/replay/rewind in the player. this subscription can be activated on 1 single account. Check out the ways to subscribe section to opt in using your favorite payment method.

➤ Student Plan

If you are a student, you can receive a 50% discount on the subscription's price. To opt for this plan, you need to verify your identity and meet all the terms and conditions of the plan. The available payment method for this plan is via iTunes/or Google Play or by credit card.

➤ Family Plan

With Khbria Music Pro for Family, you and up to 5 users can each enjoy their own Khbria Music Pro account. All for one discounted price. The available payment method for this plan is via iTunes/or Google Play or by credit card.

Is there a subscription option that does not renew automatically?

Absolutely! You can make a one-time payment by buying a prepaid card or a Gift that does not renew, or you can choose the yearly plan and turn off its auto-renewal to avoid worrying about renewal.

To find out more about our 12-month subscription, visit the "Our Subscriptions" section.

For instructions on how to cancel your subscription based on your payment method, please refer to "Ways to Unsubscribe."

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